Kittens From Past Litters 
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Silver Tabby
Brown Mackerel Tabby
Silver with White
Solid Black
Solid Blue
Cream Tabby
Brown Classic Tabby
Brown Tabby with White
Blue Classic Tabby
Terms RE: Colors and Markings
Tabbies are of 2 types and 4 colors:  
*Mackerel tabbies have the typical stripes (see left); *Classic tabbies have swirls on their sides (see above). 
*Brown tabbies have stripes or swirls of brown and black (above and left).
*Blue tabbies have the same markings in blue (gray) & off-white (see right and below). 
*Orange or Cream tabbies have the same markings in these colors (see below left and right).
*Silver tabbies have black or blue stripes or swirls over an undercoat of white (see 3rd below left).
Black Smoke
Brown/Orange Torbie
Blue Mackerel Tabby
Orange (Red) Tabby
Solid White
Silver and Smoke
Silver and Smoke are the tabby and solid expressions of the same gene.
*Silver is the tabby version (see left).
*Smoke is the solid one (see right), but it appears to have more markings than the other solid colors, especially while they are kittens.  When grown, most smokes have a fairly solid white undercoat with the tips of the fur colored black.  See the Retired Fathers page to see a good example in Darius.

Note:  The gene that creates the white undercoat in both of these patterns was identified to produce somewhat higher allergen levels than all other colors.  Most of our silver and smoke kittens are successfully placed in allergy homes, but we want you to be aware of this tendency.
Blue/Cream Torbie
Torbies are the tabby expressions of a calico.
*Brown/orange torbies (see left) are brown tabbies that also have orange (red) areas.
*Blue/cream torbies (see right) are blue tabbies with cream-colored areas.
*Silver torbies are silver tabbies with orange areas. (See our lovely mother cat, Zaria).
Solid Colors
All of the above colors, except orange/cream, are also available as solid colors of black, blue, and white.  As noted above, smoke is the solid version of silver.  All solid colored cats, like smokes, have a tabby pattern underneath the solid color.  It's often not visible, but it's there.
With White Colors
All of the above colors, both tabbies and solids, are also sometimes present with white markings.  A small white star on the chest (as above) isn't really a "with white" designation.  But kittens with white mittens, chests, faces, legs, etc., are more clearly marked.