Our Fall 2018 Litters have all been sold,
but we expect to have 3 additional litters born in the Spring!
  • Each kitten is sold with a health guarantee, vaccinations, and a kitten welcome packet with toys, food, collar, etc.  
  • We socialize our kittens thoroughly with adults, children, & dogs. They're family friendly!
  • Discounts are offered for the purchase of more than one kitten.  
  • We transport kittens within the USA and Canada.  
  • Kittens intended for breeding are sold by private treaty only.
  • We provide allergy tests upon request.

You are invited to see comments and pictures from other customers:

Below see pictures of our 1 Fall litter of kittens, both of which are reserved now.  We also have a new litter "in the oven" and 2-3 more females available to breed soon. Make your reservation now.

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Our kittens are socialized with dogs!
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Some of the kittens' favorite toys and treats.  Click pictures to see products on Amazon.com.  
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Winn is helping to fund projects conducted by the University of California Davis Veterinary School that researches health issues affecting all cats.
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Kitties have fun chasing the ball and scratching too.  It's a big hit with kittens!
Laser Light Toys are very popular with cats of all ages
Popular Squirrel Toy that cats can really get their paws around
Cat Tree made of solid wood with sisal scratching post.  Cats much prefer a heavy, solid "tree" that doesn't quiver
"Da Bird!"  Unique and extremely popular with cats.  It isn't just another feather toy!
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A Litter coming this Spring
from Larissa & Icelandic Fire
Sisal scratching post
Another Litter coming this Spring 
from Esperanza & Izak

Another Litter coming this Spring 
from Izabella & Maksim