We expect to have 4-5 litters born this Spring. These are all now pre-reserved. If you're interested in being notified of any extra kittens, if available, feel free to contact me. 
  • Each kitten is sold with a health guarantee, first vaccinations, and a kitten welcome packet with toys, food, collar, etc.  
  • We socialize our kittens thoroughly with adults, children, & dogs. They're family friendly!
  • Discounts are offered for the purchase of more than one kitten ($100 off 2nd kitten).  
  • We transport kittens within the USA and Canada.  
  • Kittens intended for breeding are sold very rarely and by private treaty only.
  • We provide allergy tests upon request.  These are offered by mail to anyone interested, but in-person testing is only available to customers who have made a reservation by paying a deposit. The latter is refundable in the event of an allergic reaction.

You are invited to see comments and pictures from other customers:

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Our kittens are socialized with dogs!
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Some of the kittens' favorite toys and treats.  Click pictures to see products.

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Kitties have fun chasing the ball and scratching too.  It's a big hit with kittens!
Laser Light Toys are very popular with cats of all ages
Popular Squirrel Toy they can really get their paws around. Best for larger kittens who have a high play instinct.
Cat Tree made of solid wood with sisal scratching post.  Cats much prefer a heavy, solid "tree" that doesn't quiver
"Da Bird!"  Unique and extremely popular with cats.  It isn't just another feather toy!
We gladly accept Paypal and will send you a Paypal invoice when a reservation is made.

A Litter coming this Spring
from Nadia & Icelandic Fire
Sisal scratching post that is tall and sturdy enough for cats to stretch out and really use

Another Litter coming this Spring 
from Zaria & Icelandic Fire

Another Litter coming this Spring 
from Izabella & Izak
Another Litter coming this Spring 
from Larissa & James
More litters hoped for in summer and fall from Cleo and Esperanza
Here are some cat carriers similar to the ones we use, depending on your need and future travel plans. From the left, find a hard-sided carrier that's good for short trips like those to the vet.  Next, a soft sided one that works well for airline travel in-cabin, under the seat in front of you.  Then a larger tent that is good for longer car trips, as there's room for a bed and litter box. Last, find a crate that works for confining a kitten when you can't supervise him.  Crate training doesn't work as well for cats as for puppies, but short-term use during the kitten's very playful teen-age period can help save your delicate c keepsakes while you're away.