Links Page
Here are some of our favorite links.  
We encourage you to visit these sites for kitten information and supplies!
Cat Walking Jackets
These are the most secure halter-type walking jackets that we've found.  Cats can't wiggle out, as they can from most everything else!
Links to brands of recommended kitten food, available on Amazon, Chewy, and Petco or Petsmart
Brands of recommended canned (wet) kitten food - we no longer use Blue Buffalo, as our cats and kittens have turned their noses up at it.
Brands of recommended dry kibble kitten food.  Some of our old recommended foods have been changed according to new research in cat wellness, i.e., low phosphorus. - again, we've discontinued the use of Blue Buffalo.  Remember:  your kitten thrives best on a diet of raw and/or wet food best.
The BEST treat, in our opinion, is cut-up raw meat or fish.  But these are also excellent, made from freeze dried raw meat.