We raise all of our puppies in our home with love.
Before our puppies leave, they receive the following:
First vaccinations and deworming,
Introduction to crate and pad training,
Thorough socialization with people of all ages and with cats.
They arrive in their new homes bathed, groomed, and with nails clipped.
Healthy, Happy, and Hypoallergenic!
Havanese dogs make ideal pets:  intelligent, eager to please, and very loving.  And if you have allergies, as I do, Havanese are also hypoallergenic.* 

The breed is relatively rare in the US, and genetic health problems are still minimal.  It's very important that breeding be done by those with a basic knowledge of genetics and pedigrees.  It's equally important that the puppies be socialized correctly during their first 8 weeks.  In the socialization of our puppies, we utilize the excellent program pioneered by the monks of New Skete, as explained in their classic book, The Art of Raising a Puppy.  We recommend this book to our customers, as they continue to train and socialize their puppies.

CLICK to see the puppy packet and learn more about how we prepare our puppies for YOUR home!

They are our beloved pets and lap warmers --
raised as our pets first and as breeding dogs 2nd!

D'Artagnon (because he's a real Musketeer!) is our wonderful boy.  D'Art is small and cream/white in
* Hypoallergenic mean less allergenic, not nonallergenic.  Depending upon the level of one's allergy, the Havanese breed may or may not cause an allergic reaction.  Reactions are very rare (0% in our experience), but they could happen.  We recommend an allergy test if you are particularly sensitive, and we are willing to assist you in performing one.
color.  He's a real sweetheart, playful and cheerful.  No lap is safe when this boy is in the room!

D'Art has the classic, semi-curly coat with lots of shine.  It combines well with our females' straighter coats to create the ideal wave! 

D'Art adds his small but solid build and loving personality to the litters he helps to create!
Cariana is a kind, loyal Havie with a heart of gold.  She's very well built, small but solid with a genuine sweetnes in her expression.  A beautiful bicolor, she produces puppies in a wide range of colors.  Cariana has been bred to D'Art and is expecting a litter of puppies in 10/2012.
We are small hobby breeders of the wonderful Havana Silk Dogs, as they are also known.  We produce only 1-2 litters of puppies a year.  This enables us to give them plenty of time and attention.
A new litter has just been born on Oct 9th, 2012
These parti-colored puppies will be ready in time for Christmas!
CONTACT JEANNE if you're interested in reserving a puppy.
Below see the 4 puppies in the last litter. Pictures of the new puppies coming soon!
Our puppies are socialized with cats & children
Our cats help to socialize the puppies too!