7 Cedars Ranch includes a family of 6 humans.  Rich and Jeanne are the very blessed parents of 4 children - Richie, Sarah, Reese, and Shania.  Plus our beloved cats and dogs.

All of us are involved in raising, training, and loving our animal friends.  We take the jobs very seriously, because these are indeed our pets and friends.  The Siberian kittens and Havanese puppies of 7 Cedars are lovingly socialized with adults, children, and the other household cats and dogs.  All of our cats and dogs are raised as household pets.  They do not live in cages.  We maintain very personal relationships with each animal in our care.

If we can't give an animal a good quality of life, we don't believe we have any business raising it.  Our business is indeed a labor of love.  We provide our animals with kindness, cleanliness, good nutrition, and the type of upbringing that will help them to fit into your family, because they fit into ours.

Richie holds special places in his heart for Yelena, the Siberian mother who likes to share his pillow, and for his 2 dogs.
Reese adores the Siberian cats that fall into his arms.  He has a special, gentle touch with the Havanese puppies.
Sarah enjoys sewing clothes for the Havanese puppies.  And for the kittens too!
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Sarah and Jeanne
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Our Siberian cat, Katje, mothering 2 litters of Havanese puppies!
D'Artagnon and Bonnie
Lovebirds - Gerod and Bonnie
Shania loves all of the dogs and cats, and they love her back.